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Naim Chien 3\tstk\t(V)
59 kr.

3 pieces of fried spring rolls filled with seasonal vegetables, served with house blend teuk trei (fish sauce)

89 kr.

The rich Cambodian dip made of pork and fermented fish (called\tprahok) is served with fresh crispy vegetables

Pleah Trey
89 kr.

- Khmer ceviche, market\tfresh fish\tsoft cured with\tKhmer spices,\tlemongrass, lime, galangal & garlic

Trop Ang (V)
89 kr.

Grilled aubergine topped with mince pork & fermented\t soybeans

Pleah Sach Tia
89 kr.

Khmer duck breast salad with\tfresh herbs, lemongrass, bean sprouts & ground toasted rice

N´yorm Misur\tSamot
89 kr.

A glass noodle salad with prawns, squid, cherry tomato, and celery topped\twith\thouse blend teuk trei (fish sauce) & aromatic\therbs

Khmer Cuisine Salad (V)
89 kr.

A salad of finely sliced seasonal vegetables with roasted peanuts, glass noodles & lemongrass\ttopped with fresh herbs dressed with aromatics & fish sauce

Slarp morn kroeung
79 kr.

Grilled de-boned chicken wings stuffed with kroeung and served with Khmer pickles

Sach Ang 2 stk– 55kr\t/ ekstra\tstk\t– 25kr
55 kr.

Chargrilled meat skewers marinated in kroeung with khmer pickled condiments • Kylling / Chicken •\tOksekød\t/ Beef

Mains - for sharing, served with rice

Num Am\tBaeng (V)
119 kr.

French inspired crispy turmeric rice flour crepe filled with chicken & prawns or tamarind tofu, fresh herbs & salad, served with\tour fish sauce blend(not served with rice)

Amok Trey (V)
125 kr.

Khmer national dish. A steamed Khmer curry soufflé with today’s fish\t(Requires 15min waiting time)

Somlor Kako\t(V)
125 kr.

A home-style stew with fish seasoned with kroeung, roasted\trice & seasonal vegetables, vegan\toption is served with organic tofu

Sach Koh Teuk Prahok
135 kr.

Grilled sirloin steak served with a sauce\tmade on fermented\tfish\t(called prahok), lemongrass, galangal and kaffir lime leaf

Char Kroeung (V)
125 kr.

From the wok,\ta classic kroeung stir-fry with seasonal vegetables (contains peanuts) - • Chicken • Beef • Organic tofu

135 kr.

French inspired Khmer hot salad of seared medium tenderloin in\tsoy and black pepper with tomato, cucumber and red onions served with a lime and kampot pepper dipping sauce

Char Kh’nhei
125 kr.

A Ginger, onion and woodear fungus stirfry – with\ta choice of • Chicken • Pork

Somlor machu kroeung (V)
125 kr.

Traditional Sour & spicy kroueng soup with aubergines, green beans with your choice of • Chicken - 119kr • Beef – 119kr • Fish – 125kr

Nhoam Svay Trei Ang (V)
125 kr.

Crispy pan-fried fish topped with mango\t salad (contains peanuts)

125 kr.

classic Khmer stew\tusing tender beef cuts with root vegetables

Somlor Kari Morn
125 kr.

Traditional Khmer chicken curry with green beans, potato, carrot\tand\tonion

Somlor MachuKtis (V)
119 kr.

Khmer sour and spicy coconut soup with mushrooms & thai\tbasil\twith\t - Chicken - 119kr - Seafood\t- 125kr - Organic Tofu – 119kr


Num Banh chok with Naim chien (V)
125 kr.

A fresh fermented rice noodle\tsalad, topped with deep fried\tspring rolls, cucumber, bean shoots, banana flower, red bell pepper & fresh herbs dressed in tamarind sauce and coconut cream (contains peanuts)

Num Banh Chok Somlor Khmer
119 kr.

Fermented rice noodles topped with a delicate fish curry broth, cucumber, banana blossom, shoots & fresh herbs

Kuytiev Phnom Penh
119 kr.

Classic pork noodle\tsoup with\tflat rice noodles, house made pork\tballs, prawns & squid topped with fresh herbs


29 kr.
En flaske vin
229 kr.
Et glas vin
59 kr.

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